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Mama Makeka House of Hope (MMH Hope) is a Nonprofit Organization established in memory of Mama Makeka Rebecca, who died in the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to inadequate health care services. The goals of Mama Makeka House of Hope are to promote and support initiatives related to health, education, and community empowerment for underserved communities, primarily in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Welcome to Mama Makeka House of Hope

I know they are many pessimists out there when it comes to the future of Congo and its people. There are many others, without saying out loud who have developed an attitude toward Congo as a needy nation without hope in need of eternal social welfare assistance. For them, any effort for sustainable development is a waste of money and one’s energy.

As for me, each journey I embark myself on to Congo reinforces my conviction that our individual and collective dream must continue.  We must always pray, see windows and turn them into doors. We must open eyes in order to see doors and decide to walk through them. When we are greeted by sandy paths, we must humble ourselves and be grateful when people volunteer to carry us over the challenging terrain so that we are able to work together, train, study Scripture and keep on making Progress Towards a New Congo and it is then and only then that together we can also Work Towards Sustaining Hope for our Brothers and Sisters in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mama Makeka House of Hope’s involvement in the Democratic Republic of Congo can be divided in term of geography by focusing in Kinshasa and Kajiji Health Zone. In terms of programmatic themes, our involvement can be stratified into three main categories:

  1. MMH Hope Foundation is made up of programs and projects intended to provide institutional sustainability and presence in the Congo.
  2. The second category, MMH Hope Working Pillars involve programs and projects being planned or being implemented in Kajiji Health Zone as a result of several years of discussions and finalized during the Consultation on Socio-economic Development of Kulindji/Kajiji sponsored by Mama Makeka House of Hope in February 2013.
  3. The third category is composed of programs and projects for which we promote and raise funds on behalf of other partners.

-Pakisa Tshimika, Executive Director & Founder

Hence, the timing is right to come alongside current Congolese leaders in realizing the possibilities of the moment.  To miss this moment will result in passing up on opportunities that may not soon again be available. Organizationally, creating synergy through cooperative initiatives under Congolese leadership has the potential of increasing the impact in the church and civil society of Congo.  The time is right!

Dalton Reimer

Board Chair, Mama Makeka House of Hope

Mama Makeka
House of Hope

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